The Child Center

We are proud to announce The Child Center as our sponsored charity for our 2019 St. Charles event.

The Child Center, Inc. is a Nationally Accredited Children’s Advocacy Center serving children and families in 14 counties in Northeast Missouri.  The mission is to respond to child abuse through a supportive team approach to reduce the trauma to children and their families.  The Child Center, Inc. is a first responder and referral source for allegations of all types of child abuse, neglect, and violence and provides direct services to children in need and in crisis. Two main program services are offered for children and families; Prevention Education Program and Intervention Program.

Knowing that in order to stop child abuse we must start talking about it, the Prevention Education Program offers programs for children, parents, and professionals.  School-based programs begin in early childhood classes and continue through middle school with programming that includes body safety, sexual harassment training, internet safety, and bullying programs. Parent programs are designed to mirror the children’s programs and additionally provide strategies for parents to keep their children safe.  This year to date, more than 19,600 children, parents, and professionals have participated in prevention education programming.

The primary goal of the Intervention Program is to ensure that children disclosing abuse are not further victimized by the intervention systems designed to protect them.   A comprehensive, coordinated approach is taken in response to allegations of sexual and physical abuse through forensic interviews, child and family advocacy, and therapeutic services.  Interviews are conducted in a supportive, non-biased, non-leading manner to allow children to share their experience of abuse, neglect, or violence in a culturally sensitive, safe, child-friendly environment.  Advocacy services assist in reducing the trauma for the child and serve as an ongoing support for the child and family.  Therapeutic services allow children to process their experience, learn to understand and effectively express emotions, and draw on their own strengths to leave them better equipped to handle life’s challenges. This year to date, 781 children have shared their experience through a forensic interview.

For more information or to find out how you can get involved, contact Linda Buschman at 636-332-0899. If you suspect child abuse, call the Missouri Hotline at 1-800-392-3738.